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Funding Mechanisms, performance and societal engagement

Presentation held by Prof. Pedro N. Teixeira from U. do Porto during the V Workshop Metricas about Higher Education policies and management. Presentation Link

About the session: From university-centric metrics to society-centric metrics

  • Robin Mason (University of Birmingham)
  • Carlos Azzoni (USP) Cleópatra Planeta (UNESP)
  • Pedro Teixeira (U. do Porto)
  • Renato Pedrosa (Unicamp)

Metrics centered on society aim to highlight the answers given by the university to the needs and expectations of the community that maintains it. In this way, we seek to respond to demands, such as public health, employment and income generation and facing environmental challenges. Society-centered indicators include, among others: impact on the value generated by the productivity of trained professionals; impact of companies created by graduates; impact in terms of employment and income generated by graduates; and direct and indirect impact of the university’s human and financial resources on its surroundings.

  • Which public policies on the national agenda had an academic origin or a decisive contribution from universities?
  • How to measure the economic, social and cultural impact of a university?
  • What are the indicators that show the impact of the university in facing society’s challenges?
  • What are the challenges for the formation of these indicators and how can they be overcome?