Public policy research project

Rethinking the university means defending its values, reinforcing its commitment to quality teaching, research and outreach, while at the same time reinvigorating its ties with a society in rapid transformation. These are activities that require both a return to the past, to review and correct, as well as looking to the future to innovative thinking – something that today is done with resignation. The Project therefore looks to the future based on dimensions of openness and transparency.

V Metricas Forum

The Fórum Métricas is an initiative to create dialogue about academic performance in Higher Education between universities, funding agencies, governments, NGOs and society. The fourth edition was focused on increasing dialogue between higher education and the general public.

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Repensar a Universidade I
Desempenho e comparações internacionais
Repensar a Universidade II:
Impactos para a sociedade

Ranking Monitor

University rankings are initiatives that compare, classify and position higher education institutions. This project aims to study and critically analyse the indicators of institutional and academic performance used in these national and international comparisons. Furthermore, this project discusses the governance related to following the academic and social impact of the public universities in the state of São Paulo. This project is financed by the Public Policy Research Program of FAPESP.

Literature review

Selected readings