Public policy research project

Rethinking the university means defending its values, reinforcing its commitment to quality teaching, research and outreach, while at the same time reinvigorating its ties with a society in rapid transformation. These are activities that require both a return to the past, to review and correct, as well as looking to the future to innovative thinking – something that today is done with resignation. The Project therefore looks to the future based on dimensions of openness and transparency.

V Metricas Forum

The Fórum Métricas is an initiative to create dialogue about academic performance in Higher Education between universities, funding agencies, governments, NGOs and society. The fourth edition was focused on increasing dialogue between higher education and the general public.

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  • QS Subject 2022
    The QS Subject analyzes participating institutions in 51 areas of knowledge, divided […]
  • Global Employer University Ranking Survey (GEURS) 2022
    The GEURS ranking is now in its 11th edition. It is composed of a global survey of employers to ask not only who they regard as the best institutions to employ graduates from, but the skills and dimensions that they value when looking for new hires. This makes the survey more detailed than the similarly structured QS Employability Ranking.
  • Times Higher Education Young Universities 2022
    The Times Higher Education Young Universities counts universities that are 50 years old or younger, meaning that in the state of São Paulo the only public universities eligible for inclusion are Unesp (for another four years) and UFABC.
  • QS 2022 World University Ranking
    The QS World University Rankings aims to guide students and their families […]


  •   Five challenges for contemporary Brazil
    Democratic renewal, food security, reindustrialization, digital transition, sustainability in the Amazon biome are critical challenges faced by Brazilian society
  • Institutional challenges and perspectives for responsible evaluation in Brazilian Higher Education
    Projeto Métricas DORA partnership summary of findings
  • Responsible Research Assessment in Brazilian context
    Evaluation of research results and researchers is in constant evolution. In a survey conducted together with the community of signatories of the San Francisco Declaration, we asked a group of academics engaged in evaluation processes in their institutions about the processes […]
  • The Magna Charta Universitatum 2020
    The Magna Charta Universitatum was originally signed by 366 universities in 1988 on the 900th anniversary of the founding of the University of Bologna. The MCU is upheld by a non-profit observatory that ensures adherence to the agreement. The original 1988 […]
  • Embrapa Social impact report 2020
    Embrapa released its 2020 Social Report. Its content offers key input and result statistics. Such metrics allow an estimation of the social impact of Embrapa’s research and extension. Impacts such as the number of jobs generated and the return on investment. […]


Repensar a Universidade I
Desempenho e comparações internacionais
Repensar a Universidade II:
Impactos para a sociedade

Ranking Monitor

University rankings are initiatives that compare, classify and position higher education institutions. This project aims to study and critically analyse the indicators of institutional and academic performance used in these national and international comparisons. Furthermore, this project discusses the governance related to following the academic and social impact of the public universities in the state of São Paulo. This project is financed by the Public Policy Research Program of FAPESP.

Literature review

Selected readings

  •   Five challenges for contemporary Brazil
    Democratic renewal, food security, reindustrialization, digital transition, sustainability in the Amazon biome are critical challenges faced by Brazilian society
  • Times Higher Education Young Universities 2020
    THE defines a young university as one established less than 50 years previously.
  • Universities in the construction of a new era
    Jacques Marcovitch, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil  THE Latam, July 7th, 2020 from 10:05 to 10h35  Good morning, I would like to thank Times Higher Education for providing such a unique opportunity to discuss the theme Universities for the public good: reasserting the value of higher education post-pandemic. At such an […]
  • The Crises of 2020 and international comparison indicators
    As an epoch changing rupture event in human society, we can expect that almost all areas of the science system will be in some way affected by covid-19. These disruptions will lead to new challenges, new solutions to some challenges and newly impoverished actors who suddenly find themselves severely tested by the new environment.
  • How good are Brazilian universities?
    How is Brazilian research performing? Public universities are complex institutions that fulfil a huge variety of functions and roles within society. They have differing missions, levels of output and attending a variety of different sectors of society. The universities who feature in international rankings are research-intensive – they are dedicated […]
  • Benchmark of communications approaches to coronavirus with international peers
    In times of crisis, the public need to know that universities are at the vanguard of the fight against the global pandemic. They are not, as the minister of education claimed, closed. In fact, the state universities’ positioning has been commendable, pointing out that the universities will continue to function, […]