Responsible Research Assessment in Brazilian context

Evaluation of research results and researchers is in constant evolution. In a survey conducted together with the community of signatories of the San Francisco Declaration, we asked a group of academics engaged in evaluation processes in their institutions about the processes and management of evaluation in their university.

To support Brazilian institutions wanting to review and improve their processes and implement more responsible and inclusive evaluation practices, the Métricas Project is carrying out a series of activities to engage the community of DORA signatories.

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) contains guidelines on responsible practices to evaluate scientific performance for hiring, career progression, evaluation and rewarding research. The declaration applies to universities, research institutions,
researchers, publishers and funding agencies.

The project, already underway, has three stages. In the first, a survey of individual signatories was carried out. This survey sought to gather perspectives on the theme of evaluation in Brazilian universities, identifying the key challenges for the implementation of evaluation that is well aligned to the principles contained within DORA.

The results of this survey provide inputs for two workshops with specialists, managers and academic leaders to identify challenges and propose solutions for the Brazilian context. The first workshop was carried out on the 12th of July 2022, with the second to follow.

These workshops will generate a report that will be presented publicly in August 2022 in an event open to the academic community.

This research is being conducted by the Métricas Project with financial resources from the São Paulo State Research Council (FAPESP) and the American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB). The lead researchers for this research can be contacted through email at