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III Forum

The crises of 2020 and the new era emerging

The role of the university in the first year after the pandemic and in the construction of a new time more attentive to social demands. What are the lessons of Covid-19 for higher education and university research? 

Areas of knowledge and their indicators

Distinct disciplines can and should represent their pefromance using quantitative and qualitative processes. What is the impactof social distancing on these areas? 

Social communication in universities

The strategies to inform society on covid-19 and after the pandemic. What does society expect of the university in the new era?

Transition to remote learning

How can digital accessibility be attained in universities? How can quality teaching be guaranteed remotely? How can the heterogeneity between areas of knowledge be harmonised?

Institutional research units

Digital tools for teaching activities, rankings monitoring, measurement of scientific production and social impact after the pandemic. What is the impact of the crises of 2020 on the indicators of academic performance and international comparisons?

The new central role of science

In 2020, science drove many of the biggest decisions, and became the only force capable of beating covid-19, even without a vaccine or specific medication. How can this leadership be guaranteed in the future?

The Third Forum “Academic Performance and International Comparisons” established an enabling environment for dialogue and collaboration on the academic performance of universities, funding agencies, NGOs, governments, companies and society in confronting the crises of 2020. The event discussed proposals to revisit the indicators in use, and formulate new indicators relating to social, economic and environmental impact.

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