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Caminhos para o engajamento social das universidades

O Professor John Aubrey Douglass da University of California at Berkeley apresenta seus pensamentos sobre como a universidade pública pode reforçar seus laços com setores da sociedade. Comentários da professora Elisabeth Balbachevsky, da FFLCH/USP

About the session: How can we improve interaction between society and the university? This session will be held in english. John Aubrey Douglass (UC Berkeley) Yvonne Mascarenhas (IFSC/USP) Elizabeth Balbachevsky (FFLCH/USP) Nina Beatriz Stocco Ranieri (FD/USP) The articulation of interfaces and partnerships with external stakeholders increases the potential for generating social impact from research, teaching and knowledge exchange. At the same time, effective participation from society in decision making processes in the university increases cohesion with society to help the university execute the programmes and projects of the universities. How can social actors be engaged in constructing a vision of the future of the universities? Which indicators focused on society should be adopted to delineate priorities? Which indicators show the contribution of the universities to sustainable development? Which are the potential partners among movements and coalitions from civil society? More information about the V Workshop Metricas available at